2021 Grad Show

Welcome to the 2021 Grad Show Handbook

This year’s Degree Exhibition (Grad Show) comes with great opportunities but also new sets of challenges. The central platform this year will be the Virtual Show as this allows us to accommodate everyone, for the physical exhibitions we have to respond to ever changing COVID health protocols and with this comes restrictions in terms of what kind of work we can exhibit and spaces we can use.

We are hoping to make a physical exhibition possible by dividing it up into three separate exhibitions available for physical viewing (this will most likely occur with limitations such as timed-entrances, etc.), art included in this exhibition can not include work that demand physical interaction (touching).

We are also very short of space (2nd floor of campus) and have a limited capacity of allowing students to install their own work. With this in mind we ask you to restrict proposed art work to its essential space requirement but also with easy and clear installation instructions. Depending on how many works are submitted, we are hoping to accommodate everyone, but the current reality is such that we may have to reject projects that become too demanding on the installers and on the space itself.

One thing to keep in mind is that your work is offered two types of exhibition spaces (physical and digital). The fact that you may end up showing a reduced version of your larger project in the physical exhibition does not restrict you from showing documentation of a more full-scope version on the digital platform.

We want to stress that this year’s Awards will be juried Online (not with physical viewing at exhibitions). In order to be eligible for awards you will want to make sure that you have strong documentation of your work.

On this Grad Show Handbook you will find answers to most of your questions.


Watch the All Grad Meeting below