AMA: Online Industry Night 2022

As part of The Show 2022, Shumka Centre hosted Ask Me Anything on May 19, 2022, a forum where graduating students can anonymously ask leading experts from your field the questions they’ve always had but were afraid to ask. Watch the videos below.

All talks moderated by Kate Armstrong.

AMA: Design, Technology and Product with Farhan Virji, VP Operations, and Product, Design and User Research Lead,

About Farhan Virji:

Farhan Virji started his career in the tech industry over 20 years ago as a software developer, moving into different roles and various startups in Vancouver. He’s currently the VP of Operations at where he spends his time ensuring the company has the strategy, processes, and frameworks to succeed. Later is a Product-Led organization, and design plays an integral part in its success. Farhan’s passions are building and leading teams, solving customer problems, and continuously optimizing all aspects of the areas he is responsible for.

AMA: Digital Media, Gaming, and the Metaverse with Hong Xing, CEO Meta Panda Verse and VP of EVOVOR

About Hong Xing:

Hong Xing has 27+ years of experience in the gaming industry and recently joined Vancouver-based MetaHuman company EVOVOR in the role of VP. In past years, Hong has also served as Chief Business Officer of renowned NFT-based game Dream Card, VP, Operations at Good Gamer Entertainment, and VP at Coslight Games. Hong aims to help his team grow while guiding them towards massive success. Hong founded Meta Panda Verse to provide services for the Metaverse, NFT, Gaming, and business operations.

AMA: Art, Galleries, and Museums with Diana Freundl, Interim Chief Curator, Associate Director, Vancouver Art Gallery

About Diana Freundl:

Diana Freundl is Interim Chief Curator / Associate Director at the Vancouver Art Gallery where she has curated exhibitions with a focus on Asian art. Prior to joining the Vancouver Art Gallery, Freundl was living and working in China and Taiwan from 1998 to 2013. She is Co-executive Editor of Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art.