Pre-Exhibition FAQs

When and where can we exhibit?

This year the main platform to exhibit will be the Virtual Show (Grad Website) that will go public in Mid-May. You will be prompted to upload your work for this Virtual Show between May 1st and May 13th.

There is also an opportunity to present your work in a Physical Exhibition.  Due to health protocols this exhibition will be divided into different parts opening at different times (see below).

Deadline for submission for these exhibitions is April 9th. You will receive an online form to fill out.

PART 1: May 1 – May 9th
(install April 28-30th / De-install May 10-11th)

PART 2: May 15 – 30th
(install May 12-14th / De-install May 31 – June 1st)

-This exhibition will be focused on
Design and Dynamic Media and includes MDES grads.

Dynamic Media online screenings are scheduled as follows:

May 14 7pm: 2D + Experimental Animation

May 15 7pm: 3D Computer Animation

May 16 7pm: Film + Screen Arts

May 19 7pm: Best Of

Ongoing: Media On Demand

MFA: May 8th – May 23rd
(install: May 6-7th / de-install May 24th-25th)

Location: Libby Leshgold Gallery & F

MDES: May 15 – 30th

(install May 12-14th / De-install May 31 – June 1st)

Location: 2ND Floor / TBA


How much work can I exhibit?

One work per student  only – no exceptions. Series or multiples may be edited by the curatorial committee whose decision cannot be appealed.


How much space is available and how much space do I get? Is there an appeal process in place if I am unhappy with my assigned space?
For ART students, a committee process designates which location to bring your work at the beginning of installation week. This location is not where your work will finally be placed. The faculty curators move work around constantly as they put together the whole exhibition. Students may discuss the final placement with the faculty curators at the time of drop-off during Installation Week. Students do not select any individual room to themselves and this may not be appealed.


If I have planned to have my work in a specific place, how can I guarantee my work will be in that location? Can I have a space to myself?
ART students do not automatically receive a space they request. If a specific space is needed, these needs (and rationale) must be included on the Application To Exhibit Form. The Committee will assign space according to student requests, if appropriate.


How do I deal with special requirements (power, dark or quiet room, a/v room, natural light, extra walls, etc)?
Students requiring technical assistance must clearly and specifically state their needs on their Application To Exhibit Form. Use of scissor-lifts and other mechanical/electrical needs need to be confirmed in advance.

If your installation requires extra walls, this request must be indicated on your Application to Exhibit, and must be approved in advance by the Exhibition Installation Committee, Facilities Department and will be subject to a safety inspection during installation.


How is A/V equipment  shared among the students?
Equipment is reserved in advance. Complete a Request For Equipment Form.


How much technical assistance can I expect?
Construction and installation methods must be resolved before we approve your work to be exhibited. Ask your Faculty advisor or a technician for advice ahead of time. Be sure to resolve even simple things like hanging methods.
While you will not be installing the work yourself unless approved or asked for by Curatorial Committee, you are required to bring installation supplies if your work requires something specific.

Note: most technicians will be unavailable to problem-solve in the two weeks prior to the exhibition as they are involved in the construction of the exhibition space. Plan ahead!


Can students have collaborative installations, as in curate their own section?
You may request a small curated section but this year, due to COVID protocols, this will be difficult. Please include any such request in your application to exhibit and / or discuss this in advance with the Degree Exhibition Chair:


What is the deadline to have my work completed and ready for installation?
April 28th between 9am and 4pm.

  • Take your work to the assigned destination space.
  • Complete the Installation Information Form provided at the time of drop-off. Make sure to include your name, description of your artwork, title, etc. and then post the form visibly on your work.
  • Also make sure that there are clear installation instructions.
  • Make sure you have uploaded label information (see below).


Who does the labels for my work?
Labels are produced and managed by the Exhibition Committee. Graduating students should fill out a Grad Show Label Form found at Label information MUST be submitted prior to Installation or a label will not be printed for the work. Please see Dates + Deadlines for the submission deadline. Labels will be produced and installed in a standard format and font approved by the Committee. Guest books are not allowed. Business cards (standard format only) are allowed in designated areas with customized card holders.