Installation FAQs

Installation and work locations are predetermined by the curatorial committee in consultation with senior Design faculty.


Film, Video + Integrated Media:
Faculty of FVIM 400 and 410 supervise the senior projects with weekly meetings.


Faculty for ANIM 418 are the senior faculty advisors.


Your final work location will be ready at noon on the first day of installation (April 28, 2021). While we will install the work for you, please make sure you are available by phone to answer questions about the install.

Who hangs my work? What are my responsibilities during the installation process?

Unlike previous years, students are not required to hang and install their own work. Depending on the scope of their art work, they may be asked to assist in the installation.

All works MUST be submitted onsite on April 28th between
9:00am and 12:00pm, to be assessed by the Curatorial Committee. If a student does not bring their work to the assigned location during this time, they will not be included in the exhibition, unless they have made prior arrangements with the Committee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Final locations will be assigned by the end of April 28 and installation can begin on the 29th and 30th. (Please be sure that your work is clearly labelled).

Can I put up my own lights?
Students may not hang their own lights. The Degree Exhibitions will be seen only during daylight hours, excluding the Degree Exhibitions opening reception. Exhibition technicians will be lighting the show.

What supplies (paint, rollers, etc.) does the University provide for my installation? How do I access them?

This year, due to the fast turn over of three exhibitions, we will not be painting walls any other colour than the white already in use on walls.

Plinths, iPad stands + Technical needs
Check dates, deadlines, and installation requirements in the handbook. Students are responsible for requesting one of the school’s standardized plinths.

Are tools provided for me?
Individual students who are asked to install their own work are responsible for supplying their own tools, providing materials and hardware such as screws, nails, hooks, wire, (as needed) and safety equipment. Some hand tools will be available for booking through the Tool Crib.