For Curatorial Committee

1. How to approve posts?

To ensure the quality of the posts’ content, we’ve made the student posts only publishable after being reviewed by curators.

To approve the posts, please go the the “All Posts” section of your major’s dashboard.

Find posts with the “Pending” tag, and click on them.


You can approve it from the backend editor, or the frontend editor for a full and complete view of the page!

  • Backend


  • Frontend


2. How to add categories


Categories help sort through entries on the page, and will be visible on the top of the page.

(like this!)


To add them, find the Categories section on your major’s dashboard.


Add a new category that generally describes the types of work of your major. To keep things visually uncluttered and accessible, pick broader terms that encompass a multitude of a few works. Please avoid categories that only have 1 or 2 works.


After adding your category, hit “Add New Category” to save the tag!


For any technical support, please contact us at this form!