Documentation and Archiving


Digital Photographic Documentation of the entire exhibition is conducted by University Technical Staff for the Emily Carr Library Archive. Graduating students are strongly encouraged to document their own work with their personal equipment. A/V does not provide equipment for documentation.

Following are two tutorial videos on how best to document your work. The first video shows the set-up with a DSLR camera, the second one demonstrates how to  document your work with a cell phone.

Library Archiving of the Degree Exhibition

The Emily Carr University Library and Archives is the official repository for all degree exhibition documentation, including photo documentation, grad film trailers, official programs, posters, booklets, maps and invitations.

By including your work in the physical public exhibition, or the website representation of the exhibition, you are granting permission for the University to:

  1. Photo document your included physical works, and/or
  2. Retain images from the exhibition website, and/or
  3. Retain trailers for film, video and animation works,
and for the ECU Library and Archives to make the images and trailers available online for anyone to view.

The University hires a photographer to document the installation of the year-end graduate exhibition (“the Show”), including photographs of individual works. The Emily Carr University Library and Archives collects the photo documentation and makes the images publicly available through eCollections at Emily Carr, the online institutional repository. Trailers for film, video and animation work are hosted on the ECU Library Media eCollections. Metadata for works included in these eCollections is created using the information provided on the wall didactics for each piece, in combination with information provided on the online graduate show website. These images and trailers serve as a digital record of the works represented in the Show, and are an important part of the history of the institution. We are working to digitize images of the Show going back to the 1970’s.

Although the Show documentation photos are commissioned by Emily Carr University, you retain all rights in your work. If someone contacts the ECU Library and Archives to use an image of your work, we may contact you for permission, depending on what the proposed use is. We will not release high quality images for commercial use unless we get written permission from the copyright holders.The ECU Archives holds high resolution images, but the display version on the institutional repository is web quality only.
For more information about the Emily Carr University Library and Archives and the repository process please email

A PDF has been sent out to all graduating students with details about Photo Doc Stations set up to help you with documentation at the school. If you have not received this, feel free to contact