General FAQs

Where will work be displayed on the new campus?
Floors 1, 2, 3, 4. Floor plans will be available here shortly.


When will I know if I am actually graduating?
Any questions about Graduation requirements should be directed to Academic Advising in the Student Commons.


Do I have to exhibit?  If I have completed my graduation requirements by the end of Fall semester, do I still have to exhibit in the Degree Exhibition?
Mandatory participation in the annual Degree Exhibitions applies to Master of Fine Arts and Master of Design Graduate students. Voluntary participation in the annual Degree Exhibitions applies to Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduates, Bachelor of Design undergraduates and Bachelor of Media Arts undergraduates.


Who is in charge?
All members of the Degree Exhibitions Committee can be approached with queries. They will be able to direct you to the appropriate person to answer your question if it is not addressed in this online resource. A contact list of committee members can be found here. Please contact the appropriate person.

Students should consult their faculty up to the end of the spring semester. Committee members are not available for specific advice on the creation of your work. Their role is to manage the exhibition details, supervise the installation of the show and ensure its success.


How will I know who my faculty advisor(s) is? How often will we meet?
Visual Arts: Senior Studio faculty are your faculty advisors; meetings (individual and group) are weekly. Consult with your senior studio faculty(ies)  when choosing the work you intend to exhibit. Seek advice to make the best choice.

Film, Video + Integrated Media: Faculty of FVIM 400 and 410 supervise the senior projects with weekly meetings.

Animation: Faculty for Animation 421 and 418 are the senior faculty advisors.

Photography: Faculty delivering PHOT 400 and 410 (Senior Photo Practice I and II) are your faculty advisors.

Design: Senior Core Studio faculty are your faculty advisors, plus other faculty will see your work during the grad review process.